Partner Testimonials

“Our experience has been extraordinary with Rattletrap Productions and Stacey David. The product displayed on the show and the explanation when installing is very professional. We are happy to continue doing business with Rattletrap Productions and Stacey David in the future.”


March Performance Team

“As a new brand, it was important to us to find the right people to help spread the message about our products. Stacey’s reputation is like none other in the industry and made the decision easy. The entire team has been great to work with. They helped with the right scheduling, messaging and making sure Stacey had what he needed to deliver our message HIS way – because Stacey’s natural authenticity is better than any script I could have provided. The results of each airing are instantaneous and ripple through each re-airing. Months later, we often have people tell us at tradeshows that they saw us on Stacey David’s show. Choosing to work with Stacey was one of the best moves we made as we launched our brand.”


Val Holden


"E3 Spark Plugs has been a supporter of the show Stacey David's Gearz for several years. We believe Gearz provides E3 a tremendous value in both viewer impressions and the association with an iconic figure like Stacey David. The show is professionally producted and provides great entertainment for the viewer."


Steve Joiner

VP Sales/Marketing

E3 Spark Plugs

"Gearz has been a great partner for Chevrolet Performance. There are a lot of car shows on TV today, but there's only ONE Stacey David!"


Dr. Jamie Meyer

Performance Marketing Manager

GM Performance Vehicles & Motorports

"I watched the Cornwell feature last night and as always I am impressed with your production abilities. When our segment aired on Gearz, we had a spike of just more than 350 requests per second. When the West Coast viewed the segment, the server peaked at over 400 requests per second. 17 new leads came in after the Gearz episode. Translated: You guys Rock!"


Don Russell

Cornwell Quality Tools

"Stacey David has been a fantastic advocate for Ram Trucks. The way he has incorporated our trucks into his show has been awesome! He has also been a fan favorite at the Ram Truck events he has attended. Stacey is a true pro and an all-around great guy!"


Randy Ortiz

Social Media Manager

Ram Trucks

"Very few things in business really deliver as advertised. I am happy to say that Rattletrap Productions is the best exception to the rule. Brian delivered on our product placement and Stacey knocked it out of the park on every episode. I can say that we will be doing business together for many years to come."


Mark Turner

CEO, Daystar Products

"I can't really give an unbiased Stacey David testimonial as I've known and worked with Stacey for many years. I have always found him to be one of the most likeable, enthusiastic, hands-on personalities in the performance TV market. His off-camera personality is the same: he is a genuine, hands-on car guy."


Mike Stasko
Tuff Stuff Performance Accessories Ltd.

"When Stacey pulled the handle on our tube bending machine on a Saturday morning, he almost melted down our website!"


Phil Heck

"The coverage is the best that I have "ever" had. Stacey is a highly valuable tool for anyone's product exposure. Stacey has done more for our business than any other effort that we have entered into. I have nothing but good things to say about how we were treated. Stacey is a true honest business man and good to his word ! Would love to support another future Ford project in any way we can.


Stan Johnson
Ford Powertrain Applications

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